Hype Responsive Website

(Trey Yancy) #1

Here is a hype-based website. It is basically finished, but I am chasing a couple of bugs. One is that Safari is choking in iPad / landscape and that a coworker is experiencing crashes in Chrome on his iPad.

The structure - a set of six Hype responsive objects, four of which have two scenes. In addition, there is a separate Hype web page with a FAQ section. There is also a separate History Hype page, which duplicates a scene in the top Hype object on the main site and which has been created so that someone can reach that scene directly from outside the main page (specifically from the burger menu on the FAQ page).

There are two advantages of stacking separate Hype objects. The first is that it speeds up the loading, with the top couple of Hype objects displaying while the remaining objects continue to load. The second is that someone can view the second scene in a Hype object and then scroll down to the next Hype object.

I’m still scratching my head about the iPad landscape and iPad Chrome issues. Hard to figure out. Portrait in Safari is okay, but rotate and it bugs out. Rotate back and you have to manually reload the page.

Here’s the Link:



Hi Trey:

It sounds like you’re asking a lot of the iPad. There’s over 5MB of image data required to display the site. Chrome on the iPad does not have access to the same resources as Safari – it will especially suffer under memory pressure.

The good news is that it works great on the latest iOS9 beta (in Chrome & Safari, even after rotation), so perhaps something has changed. I tested on an iPad Mini 2 (Retina). What iPad was your coworker testing on? The iPad 2 is notoriously slow – way underpowered, so if it’s that device there’s not much that can be done.

You may want to temporarily redirect users on iPads to a less intensive page – a summary instead of the entire site.