Hype Reflect not playing sound as timeline action

When I preview my Hype project in Reflect, no sound is played. When I preview the project in Safari, sounds work. I believe that when I first installed Hype & Reflect, I had sound. Does anyone know why there isn’t any sound now? Thanks!

Can you share your document?

My file is 23MB compressed to zip. I cannot post it here. Is there some other way I can get it to you? Thanks!

Dropbox or Filedropper?

DropBox Link - Click Here

I thought you meant ‘Mobile Safari’. Since you have your audio starting as a timeline action, iOS will not be friendly towards that – starting media of any kind without user interaction is normally blocked by iOS. Tapping on the ladybug will start audio as expected, since you’re not violating Apple’s rules. This rule dates back to Tripod & Geocities, when everyone would have a terrible midi file playing in the background of their site. A good workaround for this is to have a ‘Start’ button or some other interaction after which you can immediately make whatever noise you wish.

Thank you for letting me know about the rules. Maybe it is just my Reflect but I cannot get any sounds to work. When I click on the Ladybug or the flowers to make them animate there is no sound at all.

Are you on the latest version of iOS? Not sure why you’re not hearing audio in Reflect…