Hype Reflect errors

(Fernando Moreno) #1

I am using JQuery UI draggable, sortable, etc. to create a project. Everything works fine on the web preview, but not on Hype Reflect:

  • draggables cannot be dragged
  • short videos (mp4) don’t load properly and play out of sync

Mac OS: El Capitan and it is updated.
iPad 2, version 9.2

The wifi is working fine. Is there anything that I haven’t taken into account? Best regards,

(Greg) #2

jQuery UI does not fully work on iOS, you need to add another library to make it work. There is some better info at…

(Fernando Moreno) #3

Thank you very much, Greg!
The first URL recommended there https://github.com/furf/jquery-ui-touch-punch just solved my troubles at the first try.