Hype Reflect doesn't show javascript animation and doesn't work with USB

Hello guys,

I do have several problems with the using of Hype Reflect. It only shows the simple slides I created within hype, without showing the animations and the outcome of the javascript part.

About the project: A RFID reader reads some tags and the javascript part, which is included in hype, shows the content of the rfid tags. Everything works while using hype on the macbook, but when I try to use the prototype with an ipad by using reflect, hype only shows the empty boxes without the content of the tags.

How are you reading the RFID tags from JavaScript? If you run in Mobile Safari, does it work?
It’d also help to see a zip of your .hype document.

Hey Jonathan,

thanks for your reply.
I am reading the tags with the RFID Reader vom Adafruit. I attached the files.
Thank you very much!!!
HypeAusgabeText3.zip (232.0 KB)

Looking at the developer console, even on the desktop, there’s a lot of errors. I’m not even sure how a web page would interact with device hardware like that.