Hype Reflect App on iOS 11.3 Beta 6

I’ve been using the Hype Reflect app on my iPhone 7 for a while now, it has been working smooth when on iOS 10. However as I have upgraded to the latest iOS 11.3 Beta 6 now whenever I will open the app it is simply crashing on the start up. Any help guys?

Update: Fortunately as I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app it has been working smooth again! : )

Vikas Kundu
showbox.onl dltutuapp.com

Can’t repro as I don’t have the latest iOS beta.

Maybe role back to a non beta version if it’s detrimental to any work. I’m sure the guys here are aware (if not they are now :wink: ) There have been lots of issues surrounding the betas (app crashes being one) so I would stay away from it for now and use a stable version. :wink:


Thanks for this report. I installed the latest beta today and can’t reproduce the issue. Some questions:

  • What iPhone model are you using?
  • Does it crash if Hype on the mac is not running?
  • Can you send any crash logs? Steps:
    1. Launch Xcode
    2. Choose the Window > Devices and Simulators menu item
    3. Unlock and connect your iPhone
    4. Select the device and click View Device Logs
    5. Please find any crashes with the HypeReflect process name


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