Hype Pro Crashes when editing javascript

(Nick ) #1

I have noticed this crash happening at least once a day while working in Hype.
When I am editing a Javascript Function or pasting a jQuery function Hype Pro crashes.
No rhyme or reason other than it always happens when I am in the function editor.
Anyone else seeing this?


Hi Nick!

No crashes in general… but I have noticed when I’m in the editor for extended periods of time (say more than 15 minutes straight) working on one script the editor starts becoming sluggish - particularly when I’m clicking around a lot - the text insertion point responds more & more slowly - i.e. selecting text or simply clicking at a new insertion point. Leaving the editor and then coming right back resolves this situation. Just once I’ve had a freeze.

(Freelancer) #3

It happens, sometime when I pasted code. almost randomly.
Fortunately Hype always recovers the project


happened to me a few times. When working with 2 or more documents open and when pasting code.

(Mark Hunte) #5

I get something similar. If I leave functions and and Hype and go into another app for a while and then come back to hype and click on a function tab. Bang Hype crashes. I have had this for a while and reported it but not sure if it is on the radar…?

(Nick ) #6

All these sound similar to my issue.
I do get my Hype file back minus the function though so it does involve retyping.
I am writing javascript now in HyperEdit and then pasting into Hype.
Restarting Hype sometimes helps.

(Freelancer) #7

this is the most frequent

(Mark Hunte) #8

Yep should have mentioned I also get it crash if I have typed something in a function and then leave hype… come back to the open function … crash. So I have to retype stuff.

I may adapt typing them out in HypeEdit or Xcode first. ( also I get code completion in Xcode and closure detection, so bonus )