Hype Not Showing All Typefaces (Futura)

This is my first week using Hype and I am trying to use Futura to my project. But when I select it from the drop down menu on the right, it shows a typeface that is more stencil-like and clearly not like Futura at all! Plus, it only shows some of the typefaces I use in previous software programs I been using like Flash. Also, I cannot figure out how to import new fonts into Hype.

You may not have Future on your machine. Can you select File > Restore Standard Fonts in the ‘Font Book’ application? This will ensure that you have all the standard Mac Fonts. You’ll need to restart Hype (and maybe your machine) for the font to appear for you. If that doesn’t work, can you select Help > Report an Issue and report this bug?

This page of our documentation has information on how to use your own font in your document.

http://www.cssfontstack.com/Futura has more information about compatibility.

I was able to make Futura work through the Custom CSS option. But now, some browsers don’t show that font. Safari shows Futura without a problem, but Firefox defaults to another one, as well as Chrome.

Can you share a demo document and a screenshot?

When I select Futura in Hype, it appears correctly every browser. If you’re not seeing it, you may need to select File > Restore Standard Fonts in the Font Book Application.

Here’s an example file:

testfutura.zip (11.6 KB)