Hype not displaying in proper size

My Hype file is designed to 1920x1080, but the browser is constraining the size at around 1300. If you go to this URL: https://www.unifiedbrandmedia.com/data/widgets/financials/previousclose/widget.html
and display the widget with the screen set to 1920x1080 ,you’ll find that it doesn’t fill the window. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Hi when testing this it does fill the window but there is a breakpoint at 1920px

Perhaps reduce the breakpoint for your 1920x1080 layout say to 1800 or 1850 to allow for sidebars and scrollbars etc

@DBear thanks for trying this.

Can you clarify? If you go to this new link in both Chrome and Firefox and view rulers you will see the stark difference between the way the two browsers are consuming and displaying the resulting HTML.



link doesn’t work!

What I mean to say is that when you resize the browser window, if you have different layouts, a different layout is presented at certain breakpoints (pixel amounts). In your example above I can see there is a breakpoint at about 1080px, 1350px and 1920px. At each breakpoint the corresponding layout is served. Thus, you have a different view when you resize past or below these breakpoints.

In hype you can set these breakpoints when you create layouts.