Hype Interface theme

This is both a possible bug and an enhancement request dealing with the Hype Interface theme (Pro version).
If your interface theme is set to Pro Dark when you open a document with Javascript imbedded and you switch the theme to Light, the non-keyword text (e.g. the name of a Javascript function) remains a light grey color (which is optimal for Dark, but hard to read in Light. If you start with the Light theme and open a document, then switch to the Dark theme, the same text will now be a dark grey and very hard to read in the Dark theme.

Enhancement request - when you are fixing the issue with the non-keyword color, can you also do something about the keyword color (e.g. function, if, var, etc.). The purple chosen works fine in the Light theme, but for those of us with bad eyesight, it is very hard to read in the Dark theme.

Thanks for the report/feedback! The syntax editor is much older code (it came from HyperEdit in 2004!) and was a bit harder to make the transition to supporting multiple color themes for 3.0. Both issues are on our radar and I’d like to address them in a future update.