Hype Interface and DMX

Greetings Hype Users…
I have searched the forums and not found any threads - but am curious if any users might have experience in using a Hype interface through javascript (or other) to send/control DMX signals?

I am just starting some project research and curious if Hype could be used in this regard - as a DMX controller.
Thanks for any comments or ideas.

This? http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/an-introduction-to-dmx-lighting-control-take-your-lighting-to-a-whole-new-level/

Or this?

JK – Unfortunately I have not heard of someone using Hype with DMX. Since browsers display content (and don’t typically route controls to external devices apart from audio / video) you would need to use a system like this: https://github.com/wiedi/node-dmx – this appears to allow you to control USB devices, but it likely would take some setup to work well within Hype.

… but if you could create knobs & controls in Hype to talk to your controller/server/lighting rigs this would be pretty slick.

Thanks Daniel.
We build arena attractions, currently using extensive DMX lighting and efx through control boards, and we also drive content with Hype through various touch screens and sensors. So, yes, it would be pretty slick to be able to use the Hype in that way… it’s the final frontier for our setup. :slight_smile: