Hype in Blocs app

Has anyone here used Hype with the Blocs web app? It’s a basic bootstrap-based WYSIWYG app that’s okay for beginners but is restrictive enough to drive anyone else nuts. It accepts HTML Widgets, ignores the copy-and-paste div code.

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Since writing your post back in 2016, Blocs has improved considerably and is a great web design application. That said, there are some issues with adding some types of hype animations into a Blocs website. On issue I recently discovered was that putting something like an audio player into the blocs HTML widget will display just fine and all the animations work well. The problem is that the audio files don’t play. This was caused by a “lazyload” feature in Blocs. Essentially, it adds a lazyload.png file to each audio file upon project export. I’ve since discovered that this feature can be turned off in Blocs on export and the issue gets resolved.

I’ve also had problems with other types of Hype files where the hype animation simply fails to display inside a blocs webpage - it just shows a blank space. I’ve made enquiries to the developers of Blocs to find out what it is that may be causing this to happen. If I get a response, I’ll post back here.

Apart from these little incompatibilities, I think Hype and Blocs could be made for each other. Hopefully, one day soon someone will develop a Blocs widget that makes adding a hype animation and it’s resources easier to incorporate.

Let us know if there’s any info you get from Blocs; we’re happy to work with them to get Hype content working well on their platform.

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