Hype + iBeacons = A City Wide Bored Game

Hello Everyone!

I’ve just released the app that so many of you (including @DBear, @Daniel, @Photics, @Olav, @nick, @jonathan, @h_classen and @MarkHunte) have helped me with.

That app is called "International Orange: A San Francisco Bored Game” and was built using Hype 3.0, a bunch of custom javascript and iBeacons that I’ve placed all around the city of San Francisco.

I just wanted to say thank you to this community for being so helpful throughout these last couple months. Without this community I would not have been able to create such an awesome game!

If you’re in the SF area, I’d love to see what you think about the game! You can learn more about it at http://boredgame.io (a landing page also created in Hype :grinning: ).

Thanks everyone!




Hey, cool! Thanks for mentioning me!

Also, wow… I was thinking of making a location based game. It was kinda like a crime detective game, where you needed to walk around to find clues.

On lunch break, I like to walk around. Supposedly, sitting too long might be as bad as smoking. So, as I’m walking around, I see a golf ball trapped inside a concrete sidewalk. I thought, “Wow, this should be used in a game.”

Maybe I should make a similar game on the east coast. HA!

By the way, great marketing idea. I liked the video.

The video seems factual. HA! Considering I’m thousands of miles away, I’m probably not going to beat the game.

elegant and clean, smooth animations, very nice!

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This is super cool. Excellent work! Wish I was in SF to play it :slight_smile:

This look great Logan, well done. I’ve been thinking about using iBeacons for educational purposes (such as new hire orientation) for a while. Is it hard to get them communicating with Hype?

Hi Matthew!

Beacons can only be used winning an iOS or Android app, but if you use Phonegap and the iBeacons plugin (with a bit of Javascript) it’s actually not very difficult to set up. I’m loving the beacons so far!

Hope this helps!


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Thanks Daniel!

Great, thanks Logan. I’ll have to investigate further… I can think of so many ways that this could be used. If you have any other info that may help me build a prototype, that would be wonderful.

Thank you!

Love this!! Very nice work Congratulations!