Hype HTML5 project in new Brightsign LS424 with 8.0.48 OS

Brightsign just released new html5 players and a new 8.0.48 OS. We have created a hype html5 interactive and have tried to load that on the new LS424 Brightsign unit. We cannot even get one simple button to start the interactive to function. I know there are a number html5 best practices to follow but we can’t even seem to get started. Anyone have any thoughts or luck with content like this on the Brightsign?

Are you able to load the developer console to see if any errors are being generated?

I’m not seeing anything particular in the release notes that would have an effect on the loading of Hype documents. Did the same document work on 8.0.33?

Thank you for the quick response and suggestions. Actually, we loaded the same project onto the LS423 player and most of the interactivity has come back. We are going to go through the developer console tonight and see what we can discover but right now it is appearing to be a hardware issue with the new BrightSign player. I will update as soon as we make some headway. Thanks.

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