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I thought it would be great to start a category devoted to tips and tricks developing games using hype as a platform.


I’m not sure I see that need right now but thanks for the suggestion! I like to use the categories for either Hype features or specific deployment platforms. For now, we can use tags to identity Game development posts (We can use ‘GameDev’) and keep them organized.


Disappointed emoji! :disappointed:


Don’t misunderstand me – I won’t be deleting or discouraging posts about Game Development, I just want to see more posts about the topic before creating a new category – we have a lot of categories with sparse posting like iBooks Widgets & Mobile Apps.

When people post, they have a huge Category dropdown to choose from so I want to make sure they aren’t overwhelmed with choice.


Well, maybe it’s my perspective, but I see this as a weak point with Tumult / Hype. When I think of Flash, there are three main categories… Annoying Banner Ads, Videos and Games.

Sure, Flash could be used to add interactivity to websites, but I remember it being mostly for ads, videos and games.

With HTML5, the need for special plugins to play videos is gone. I don’t even need Hype to manage that. Interactivity is good, Hype excels at this, but this space is highly competitive. That leaves games.

I like the new physics settings, but Hype 3.0 falls just short of a decent game development tool.

I can understand wanting to keep a neat forum. Also, focusing on games could attract a crowd that’s quite vocal and high-maintenance. Yet, why isn’t there more focus on game development – especially considering how popular it was with Flash?

There really isn’t much to creating iBooks widgets with Hype. It just works. The only major problem I’ve seen is on Apple’s side. And since Hype doesn’t directly export to iOS, I don’t see much appeal to the Mobile Apps category.

Lately, I’ve been wondering if game development is childish and a waste of time. It’s a tough debate, as it’s such a waste of brain power – so many people mindlessly tapping away on their phones. Sure, people can learn a lot through gaming. But unfortunately, too many people take it to excess. It can be very unhealthy.

And yet, mobile gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry. Because mobile devices are fun, that’s one of the main reasons why people run out to buy them. That helps drive an industry. It creates jobs. It pushes technology forward.

It seems that Tumult is having this debate too.

Hype can be used to make certain games, but I don’t think Tumult sees Hype as a game development platform. At least, not yet. Not having a gaming forum is part of that problem. It shows that game development is not a focus. Maybe that’s OK. Maybe Hype doesn’t need to focus on game development. Maybe I shouldn’t focus on game development either.


I think games should not be looked at with a too narrow view. I made a ton of educational games in Flash with all kind of interactivity. Exporting them as projectors and perfect as standalone kioskapps. I’m starting on a new project next month that will be webbased and probably need to be Flashfree. Interactive quizes, puzzels and fun infographics will be needed, and I think my best bet will be Hype. Still a lot to learn and experiment and hopefully a succesfull operation. I’ll be watching this space closely!


For educational games, Hype is good. In that genre, it’s Apple I’m disappointed with. I could have exported educational games (created in Hype) straight to the TV, but tvOS doesn’t do web views.

(Jonathan Luna) #8

I hear you apple who made such a push for html5 over flash has lead me to believe that at this point web apps would have more direct control over the device iOS … . I love apple products… But I’m more about webs more universal approach.

(Jonathan Luna) #9

Hopefully CloudKit js is a step in that direction… If it doesn’t lead to more web socket direct control its just a big slap in the face to its users

(Todd Rogers) #10

just something I threw together to see if it could be done, have fun with it
mines.zip (99.0 KB)

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Tips and Tricks of the Month

Very cool!

Try this game out here: http://tumult.com/support/examples/MinesGame/mines.html