Hype Fully Aimed to Website Design

Hype could be the future of web design…
I have a week trying Hype 3, it’s very user friendly, I know it’s aimed on animation, but it’s also capable of making fully functional website prototypes. I hope it’s on the roadmap to make Hype a monster not only focused on animation but focused on fully HTML5 website building, and here you have some requests:

I need hype to allow an element to always float in a fixed position. An easy way to make sticky nav menu
Allow to manage Paragraph/Character Styles just like Indesign Does. It saves a lot of time and it’s easier to make templates and modify them. Or simply if the “client” didn’t liked the font you have used then it’s just a click for modify that.
Try to make standard HTML5 and Css3 code Apps like Macaw can do that, but macaw can’t do animations, and their user interface is far from good compared with hype, so it’s an advantage you have.
Possibility to make an element to have 100% of viewport height Yesterday I was trying to do a website with an home page having a full screen cover on top, then I could scroll down and see the content. Here’s an example of what I needed http://mambomambo.ca/
Easy object/image masking and then maybe SVG masking so we can have complex masks.
SVG animation. some times I just wan to animate a line trace or something like that.
An alternative (and easier) way to put @fontface fonts I know you put it easy with google fonts, but then I tried to use a font that wasn’t in the collection, you could make a “drag and drop” @fontface installation, you can leave the method you have right now for developers or people who loves code.
Nested Symbols I’m not sure if it can be done, but I tried and I couldn’t.
Nested Scenes maybe I designed a Scene Just to be the header at the top of my website and then designed a bigger scene to be the content, and then small a scene to be the footer. but I can’t put them together in a single page easily, I have to export them separately and then do put it together manually using Html and CSS.
Browser’s Back and Forward buttons to respond to scenes states Maybe it’s possible to make this work with JS, but I’m a designer, I know a little about code but some times I get stuck with Javascript. so if in a future version you can make this work by default it could help us a lot.
An easy way to resize things in groups Some times I make a group or make a symbol and it result’s that I need an small version of it, or a bigger version of it and then I couldn’t just resize it. You can do just like InDesign manage boxes, you can scale just the box or with all it’s content, you have the two options. We need this to work with text too.
An easy way to make parallax websites. I have read an tutorial to make a parallax simulation, I mean real parallax.

I’m still learning Hype but it’s amazing just like it is right now, but I know it can be a monster. I will come back later with more requests.

Sorry for my bad english

much things in one question :slight_smile:

The project requires time to be realized. You can build a full site, however Hype It is not specifically designed for this purpose. I suggest you to spend more time on Hype at the beginning.

You can build a similar site with Hype but I think you can get a similar result ( except animations with SVG) also with a dedicated software like RapidWeaver and a professional theme ( real responsive behaviour with fluid grid, responsive columns and so on ) in less time .

In any case you can embed any Hype animation as iframe.

Thanks for all the really great suggestions!

This should work, but there are two situations we prevent:

  1. Putting a symbol inside of itself
  2. Putting a persistent symbol inside of another symbol

Let me know if you are seeing something else.