Hype for bigger touch screens

Hi All,

I’m already used to build Hype application and run them in the KIOSK Pro app, but I was wondering if anyone already has run Hype files on the bigger touch screens? Would love to know the approach. Can these screens run HTML documents do you have to build everything based on the screensize or should I use phonegap to create a APK file.

Any help is welcome

Many of the larger touch screens are built in Android and use the Chrome built-in browser for kiosk situations. I did a quick video showcasing how one company creates these screens:

One way to setup a device for Kiosk mode is shown here: https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/7358722?hl=en, but I assume most people use a Kiosk app which handles the HTML files and locking down the device all in one.


Hi Vectar,
You can use an Airgoo Android Player.

You convert the Hype document to HTML5
and import it into the Airgoo CMS .
Connect the Airgoo Player to the touch screen via HDMI + USB
You can then upload your content to the player via WiFi or LAN from the cloud.
Not yet documented on the website so if you leave your details on the contact page
you will receive all the information.


Thanks Daniel. Love it! I will dive into it.

Thanks Pascal I will check out the Airgoo site tonight and let you know if I have questions. It’s good to know that there are ways to do this.

Hi Daniel, that last application with Stephen Curry, they are running it in Chrome I saw. So basically I could switch to Kiosk mode in Chrome and that would do the trick?

Hi Vectar, If you fill in the contact and I will send you a demo video

That’s my assumption. And I think that was connected to the Internet, but you could also drop your files in using the file system to have everything on-device.