Hype Exported Resources Folder


When I do an Advanced Export Hype projects, it creates a “fileName.hyperesources” folder with my HTML file. In my past Xcode project when creating a Web App/webview project, I would simply copy the Hype folder and the HTML file into the Xcode project structure. This works in Xcode 11.1 with Mac OS 10.14.1. However when my newer MacBook Pro was updated to Mac OS 10.15, the project no longer works and simply crashes. I’ve tried a number of fixes. The one major observation I’ve been able to make is that Mac OS 10.15 and Xcode 11.1 do not like the folder naming structure. So, if I create a new Xcode project and copied over a Resource folder with a basic name like “test”, it’ll copy into Xcode just fine. If I try my “LLD_Ver2” folder (minus the “.hyperesources” in the name), it’ll copy over just fine. So, it seems like this configuration/OS update doesn’t like the folder naming structure. Now I can simply use the new name but then it messes with the Hype project expert references. Basically breaking a lot of functionality. Does anyone have any suggestions or experienced this? Thanks!

Have a look here:

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