Hype Export Playground - Installation / Script not showing up in advanced export script listing

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I tried to install the Export Playground Extension and I am not sure if it installed correctly using the provided instructions. When I look at the last step, where I select Hype-->File-->Advanced Export, I do not see the new Playground script listed in the pop-down list. Attached to this post are some window screen dumps to show what I see when problem solving.


As I continue to problem solve, I do not think the extension is installed as expected because the move to side 2 does not function. PM

There is a pretty simple solution… you should comment out the following line

			 "max_hype_build_version" : "670",

like so

			# "max_hype_build_version" : "670",

During publishing the example @jonathan suggested adding an upper version limit but in this case it's getting in the way of me not updating the example files every so often. Specially as this is more of a boiler plate then a ready to use extension/exporter.

Hope that helps and solves it for you.

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I updated the Gumroad download too.

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Hi Max: Extension project is now installed! Thank you very much for your help! I am a big fan of your work! :sunglasses:

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