Hype Error Dialog

Hype Error Dialog Extension


The Hype Error Dialog Extension is a JavaScript extension for Tumult Hype that provides a custom error dialog for JavaScript errors. This extension helps users become aware of JavaScript errors without needing to frequently check the console.

Key Features

  • Displays a custom error dialog in the Hype Preview environment.
  • Does not run in the Hype IDE or in exported projects.
  • Formats Hype functions for better readability in the error dialog.


  1. Add the Extension File to Your Hype Project:
    • Download the HypeErrorDialog.js file and add it to the Hype Resources Library.


The extension will automatically display a custom error dialog when a JavaScript error occurs in the Hype Preview environment. There is no need for additional configuration after installation.

Note: In production, you can remove the extension file from your resources. However, if left in, it will not trigger as it checks the URL to ensure it only runs in the preview.

Future Plans

In the future, more features and improvements may be added to enhance error handling and debugging in Tumult Hype.


Nice. Will be very helpful. But after fixing an error and previewing again, I get a blank screen.

Just noticed it doesn't auto refresh the browser.

Also it would be nice to see what function gives the problem. Now you get this:
Message: Unexpected token ';'. Expected ']' to end a subscript expression.

Source: function(hypeDocument, element, event) { var eleClass =

Hello Djon, this was a proof-of-concept. It took me a while to find a way to catch the errors from external evaluations conducted in a closed environment. Therefore, in the next "sprint" I will focus on formatting Hype-specific errors more effectively. Evaluations are anonymous, but I have an idea on how to overcome this issue.

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↑ look at project
1.0.1 Better formating for Hype Errors

The Hype function error should now be more accurate, but it still doesn't display initial Head HTML script tag errors. Have a great weekend.

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Updates works fine. Thank you.

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