Hype equivalent of Swiffy

I am working with a marketing service that one of my dealers has engaged - one that uses proprietary software to build ads.
They say that they can use customer-provided HTML5 and then they provided info that didn’t make much sense. They finally provided sample files - four different ad sizes with four corresponding background JPGs.
I took a look at the HTML and discovered that the author had created the ads in Flash, then used Google’s Swiffy Flash-to-HTML5 converter to pile the animation code and the related JPG right into the HTML file itself.
Is there any way to accomplish this from Hype?

Reference files: https://www.hightail.com/download/ZWJVWGJBdWNuSlFQWWNUQw

I’ve used Swiffy to convert Flash projects. It’s nice. Where’s the problem though?

Do you want to use the Flash file in Hype?
Do you want Hype to convert the Flash file?

Unfortunately, the latter doesn’t work. :smile:

I stopped using Flash once the iPhone got rolling. Besides, after years with a major focus on Director I found Flash to be far too Windowsy and eccentric, and while I became quite good at it, I was happy to say goodbye.

As Hype is relatively new and not cross-platform, I would imagine that there would not be a Swiffy equivalent for converting Hype files, but I thought I’d send up a balloon just on the off-chance.