Hype document resize in browser?

If I export a Keynote document as HTML, the slides’ size automatically changes as I resize the browser window. Is it possible for an exported Hype document too? If I load the html document in Moodle, I can’t see the complete document:

With the Keynote HTML it automatically fits the frame:

Or should I simpy reduce the scene’s size?

While it may cause the browser to use more CPU power than a normal Hype project, it seems the feature you’re looking for is “Scaling” in the "Flexible Layout section.

Just chuck all of the elements into a group and then set that group to be flexible / scalable… easy.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to make the document scalable too.

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Hi @Micrologus
This file has a full screen toggle function.
fullscreen.hype.zip (20.6 KB)

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@Photics Wow, that’s exactly what I needed. I struggled with the Flexible Layout, but the solution is “chuck all of the elements into a group”. Brilliant! :slight_smile:
Are you the author of the book about Hype? I’m reading it and it’s very clear and useful.
Thanks a lot.

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Hi @kerguelen
thank You for your function. This is a great solution to activate the full screen option. Really useful! :slight_smile: