Hype doc crashed

I've some problems...

Hype doesn't export to out server, so I do it local..
isn't a big problem...so I thought I save my doc all local...

and now I get the message

The file cannot be opened because it may be corrupt. Please restore from backup.

by opening the doc from the server....and from the doc local..I get a hype doc without links to the images/resources..I tried it to copy the items in the resource..but the connection is lost...

does anyone has a trick? otherwise I have to build It again...

I search the forum, and saw something about renaming the data.plist file..when it has numbers init...but it doesn't

hope someone has the solution :wink:

Can you email us what you have to support@tumult.com as a zip file? We'll see if we can recover.

If you have an export, you can recover the document by following these steps:

thanks, I will try it tomorrow ( I'm from holland...its nog evening)
I hope I can fix it with your steps and otherwise I will send the document...

I need I tomorrow, when it can be fix, I have to make it again....isn't such big thing...maybe a hour work


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hello, I can't find the .hyperesource folder or document...

and when I try it by the help in hype...it won recognize any of my files

this is hype doc

You should try reducing the size of your couch images. They are massive and each around 8-9 MB. Don't know if that solves it but it certainly would help.

It does appear that the elements lost association to the image resources. Looking a the Element Inspector I can see the Background Images are set to "none." Inspecting the file format data it does appear the associations are wrong.

It looks like you may have manually imported back the files later?

I would recommend adding them back by selecting 'Image' in the background image section of the element inspector, and then choose the file from the finder.

It would be useful to see your application log to figure out what might have happened. If you can, please choose Help > Report an Issue and make sure "Send logs, preferences, and system information" is checked. Don't worry about writing much unless you have more details about your setup; I just want to see the log that comes from this. Thank you.

Okay thanks,
I did put the files manually back, next time I will do it your way.

I’d like to work with saving my work on a server..but I think hype like to work on local drives, as an example when I’m exporting something and I select a folder on our server, nothing happens, no error, but also no export.

When I export it to the local drive..it works the right way

Something else, I’m making banners for our company with different utm or clicktag.
By the pointer I select open url and put in the url with some analytics info /utm

When i export it as a dcm export I see in the index.html, something like clicktag = “”

And a few lines below that clicktag = “ blank”

I manually change this with the same setting I put in the url input, it’s a workaround
But it would be perfect when it would be directly in the index.html
And also without failures.

Another thing is the doc saving, it works but it isn’t like the Adobe way...when I want to make copy of it, I have to duplicate it and change the doc name and move it at the end.

For the rest I love hype, and in future I want to import some Greensock init...( I think the greensock animating is smoother and quicker then animate in the timeline)

It amaze me always that almost no one knows hype tumult....sad for this great software

Good luck

if you mean 'save as' -> alt-key -save

Okay thanks

NL here too. :stuck_out_tongue:
If you use the search function (go back one page to the forum list), you may find a lot of your question already answered. Like 'click tag' and 'greensock' have quite a few posts about them, the answers you seek may already be answered. But if not don't hesitate to ask. :slight_smile:

If possible though, include your Hype(file) problem in a stripped down zip file and drop it in this text box.