Hype Dissable vertical Scroll code does not work on iPad

Hello, I'm triying to dissable/enable vertical scroll for iPad with my hype code, but my ideas do not work. I tried the solution that Hansen provides in past posts like using bodyScrollLock.min.js library, but again does not work. Do you have any god idea please . Thanks!

You're welcome to post a zip of your document that has the bodyScrollLock attempt; it could just be a configuration/setup issue.

Off the top of my head, I think previously did this by adding an event listener to the touchmove event and then calling preventDefault(). But this might interfere with some operation of your document, so may not be the best solution. I glanced at stack overflow and think the solution here is probably pretty good (without having tried it):

Clearly the top CSS would need to go in a <style> and </style> tag in the head html, along with the bottom part should be in <script> </script> tags.