Hype + DeepL automatic translator

Good morning, everyone.
I would like to include the DeepL Pro automatic translator API in the various Hype works, so that, once published, they can be read by different languages.

This is the manufacturer’s link:


Have you seen anyone else use this tool for live translating content on the web? Their API does not seem to have any documentation for this use case.

Hi, Daniel. No, but I can contact them directly in Germany. It seems to me very interesting as API development for Hype.

Hi Daniel, I got an answer.
I am told that this is where the information material is located:

I would like to create a working demo prototype from Hype, but I’m not very competent in terms of code. I just need to know where to put the API and then how to export it correctly for publication.

I think the main problem with helping you that I can see is the API is licensed which means the real details do not seem to be avalible to use if we are not authorised to see and use them.

With some thing like this I assume you reference the API library in your head file.

Then put together a query string and make calls to the API using their Post methods in a Hype function.
And saying that I just did a search on the web and found

Stackoverflow may be the best place to get your head around how the API works( search and ask questions) first then once you have that maybe revisit this thread if you still struggling to get it into Hype.

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Thank you Mark, I have different material now. I’ll update you!

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