Hype / Custom Wistia Player

(Michael Smith) #1

I am looking for help with embedding some Wistia videos with custom functionality. Specifically, I am looking to build a series of interactive videos and need to control the hype timeline and Wistia video at the same time.
I can provide more details and my starting hype file.

  • Mike

(Mark Hunte) #2

Probably a good idea :blush:

(Andrew) #3

Hi Mike,

I could help you out with this…
Could you please email me the details on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
(I can not see the PM button)

Best Wishes,


Hi Andrew!

One of the main purposes of the Hype Forum is the sharing of problems and their solutions in a public manner. Private correspondence is usually reserved for projects with confidential aspects that can not be isolated and still have the project’s issue(s) occur.

If @CoignStudio does elect to follow the private correspondence route with You it would be good to publish the results~solution here for others to learn from.

(Andrew) #5

Sure thing Jim:):grinning:
I will do that.

(Michael Smith) #6

I need a play / pause button that can control the Wistia Video and hype timeline at the same time so the two are in sync. Below is my Hype file. The video has marks and the 1,3,5 and 10 second marks. I have repeated those marks in hype. I have also added an animated background and music track to give the video some real world file size.