Hype Crashes on Preview

(David Montague) #1

Wow, I stopped using Hype about a year ago because the upgrade crashed when you saved as an OAM or clicked on preview. I was sure by now they would have resolved that issue.

(David Montague) #2

Hey I did the delete the library folder and now it is working =)


Welcome back, bud!

For others hitting this issue, please see:

(David Montague) #5

I love your software!!!

(Jonathan Deutsch) #6


Sadly the crash on preview issue is a Mac App Sandbox bug and there’s not much we can do to resolve it. We’ve filed a bug against Apple about it. However, if you do hit it again please let me know immediately; we’re still seeking information on figuring out if there’s specific steps that can always get into the condition. I suspect it has something to do with OS upgrades/migrations.