Hype Conference 2018

Are there plans for a Hype Conference 2018?
Need to make travel expense projections for the remainder of the calendar year, and would like to budget for this if there is one planned.
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There may be one in London last quarter of 2018. If that’s doable?

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The previous organizer acquired Digital Book World and is focusing his energy on that conference instead this year!

How many people showed up to the last one?
Maybe there should be a Hype Conference in the NY area?


Boss if you tell me your costs David’s and Dbear’s, h_classen, they give me minimal real costs but I am comfortable coordinating, I promoted the first HypePro conference in Miami and I would promote Latin America for you to travel. It would be at the Miami Convention Center and at night. Miami Beach Party at the end of the year. I leave that there to see if the “Boss” is encouraged. But the special guest would be David for his support :slight_smile:

En español seria fantastico esta propuesta coloco mis oficinas a la orden Jonathan

No, Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to justify international travel. Was hoping there would be another in Nashville, TN, or at least in the US. Thanks for the response.

Ok. Thanks for responding with the information.

This would be awesome!

while I’m glad Score is taking on Digital Book World, it’s a bummer that the Hype conference is not happening. Online conference? Articles?

I would be able to make Manhattan for sure- London would be tough this year. Arizona would be even better :slight_smile: just wishful thinking…