Hype Bundles (modular Export Scripts)

Most people don’t use Export Scripts in Hype, so it remains a powerful and vastly underused interface. The manager extension enables you to use a wide range of helpers and tools by offering a shared and dynamic interface for export script functionalities..

To get started, you need to install the manager extension (no installation package yet) and follow the manual installation instructions. The project is currently in public beta .

The Manager Extension is an alternative way to extend Hype. It allows you to easily create bundles of functional and modular export helper, interface additions, and custom variables. These bundles can be thought of as a form of Export Script, however they have some limitations as certain actions cannot be easily shared (eg. file moving). On the other hand, they're easy to combine, install and manage.

PS: Feedback, testing and suggestions are welcome


As always. I got some feedback and fixed some minor details. Please, redownload.
Will publish this also on GitHub to make version tracking transparent and more public.
The error reporting and the display should now be fixed and look as follows:

and error reporting of Hype functions is supported as see in this screenshot

Also, if you enable the Closure Compiler your Hype functions and additions through the bundles are minified and pre-compiled (removing comments and useless code etc.)


Dopeee, will test :ok_hand:

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Another thing it offers is a special Hype Function name. If you call a Hype Function HypeDocumentLoad while using Hype Bundles…

... that function will be triggered automatically. Hence, you can host your document load functions inside your Hype project. No need for Head HTML anymore, specially good for WordPress people that had problems with that until now.

PS: Might move that to a bundle, though


That's a cool bit of functionality :).