Hype Bric for Blocs app

Hi there, I love your app but I'm new about Hype. I love Blocs-app... but I'm new about Blocs too.

My question is about the “Playback” option in Hype Bric called “Scroll Sync” the scroll interaction starts when the top of the bric reaches the top of the page. This thing is not good for me, there is a possibility to change the trigger point of the bric?

Thanks and sorry.

I would like to help but I would have to buy a blocks license just to help (?!) and I don’t use blocks for my daily work.

@MaxZieb thanks if you can there is a 14 days trial, but don't worry I love your intention... you are the best.

Already used up that time. You can use scroll trigger in hype and disable the ones in blocs perhaps.

When are you wanting to trigger the animation?

Thanks fore reply.

In any position different from the top of bric on top of viewport.

You can trigger it based upon the element showing on the viewport wherever that may be within the hype document. Disable the options in bloc and it will default to what you have set up in the hype project.

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Hey folks sorry for the delay on this.

So the Hype Bric currently offers 4 triggers. On Load, On Screen, Scroll Sync and Scroll Sync (Fast). I have also started working on a new feature that will lock the browser view from scrolling so the Hype animation is animated frame by frame with the mouse scroll and once the animation is complete, the page will resume normal scrolling. I appreciate this also doesn't help but thought its worth mentioning in case any other Hype users would find it helpful/interesting to know its in the works.

Screenshot 2021-02-18 at 14.21.41

As @emcee advised, if you want the user to control playback, set that up that in the Hype project setup.

Finally, Blocs 4 is an unlimited trial, it never runs out, it has one major limitation, you cant export. So for testing or just messing around @MaxZieb you should be good to go :grinning:


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This is great news. When do you think the development ends? We must wait for a new version of Blocs or just a new version of bric? If you need someone for the test I'm here. Pin animation and scroll control with the mouse are some of the best features ever.

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Just an update to the Bric. We have a few things planned for May for our Brics, so hopefully it'll be released then.

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WOW I will the first "downloader"

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Hi there, any update? ... I Know @Norm you say May but I'm just impatient... sorry :sweat_smile:

Sorry if I ask, @Norm there are any updates? Sorry and thank you.