Hype banners for ADTECH ad hosting? Procedure?

Though I have used Hype Pro generating output successfully on Google Adwords platform and made a test on Adform that seems to work, I haven’t made it so far in the Adtech environment.

Cannot find any non-login testing site for ADTECH-uploads.

I’ve tried to get information from the on-line newspapers technical departments but with poor results. They are not familiar with Hype Pro, so they are just able to deliver generel do’s and do not’s (ADTECH zipped pdf-guide supplied this thread).


Following this guide one must “prime” the htm5-code with Adtech-variables to get things accepted and right.

I’m not able to visualize exactly where in the code to go for modifying the hype-outputs to achieve compatibilty. A bit like the needle in the haystack for me …

Does any here have a sort of description or correct practise “recipe” or hype-example to modify Hype-output – and is it possible to do this at all?

Every help is thanksfully appreciated!

Kind regards, Mikael

Hi @raaskot

I thought you found a solution about using Hype in Adtech. Didn’t you already post something to do with placing the code in the HTML file?

P.S I wouldn’t mess around too much with the output code.

Doesn’t Adtech just need the variables to get the correct file path? Is that what is causing you problems?

Yes, that’s correct. I thought I’d fixed the problem with ADTECH with my solution with adtech.loader – or alternatively all js-scripts in index-file and no loader, but this was not the case.

I’ve troubled with the fact, that I can’t make rapid testing and try out several possibilities, but have to await response from newspaper/media every time which responses have sometimes been a bit self contradictious – and not according the ADTECH-guide – if you understand …

I guess that the pathing – you mention – is the problem. My contact at the newspaper tells me, that one need to apply “ADPATH” to every single external call (images and HYPE.js-scripts), yet he was in doubth whether this worked for js-scripts INSIDE a <script>-tag in the index-file or not.

I was told to put them “outside a js-scripttag – in the html”, which for me (and Hype-wise) doesn’t offer much sense.

Kind regards, Mikael

hi @raaskot
I have been asked to produce a banner that needs to be uploaded to ADTECH. Did you manage to find a way to do this?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Hello Dave
This turned out to be a long answer:
Yes, I found a way – actually a couple, yet not as straight foreward as I would prefer.

My general experience is that making html5-banners is painstakingly difficult if one do not have direct access to the hosting platform with upload availabilty – in this case access to ADTECH-admin – when testing the files. In my case I had to send these to a middleman at the newspapers, who couldn’t bring me much more technical information in return other than telling me that the banners was rejected. Tough, slow, non-productive debugging as you might understand.

My path, being profoundly interrupted by conflicting (non)standards, lead the htm5-banners to be published in two ways at the end on two different online news services – through ADTECH:

(1) A non-hype solution – using Adobe Edge instead. I guess this is out of scope in your case, but I’ll explain it further below.

(2) A hype-banner hosted by ADFORM, but delivered to ADTECH via a click-tag (text-file – a string of data) outputted by ADFORMs online interface. The click tag was sendt to the newspaper and everything worked as a breeze. This is – as far as I understand – called “thirdparty delivery” and is quite common.

Concerning A: the online-news service received from me the edge-files (all files in same root, compressed graphics, etc.) adding a few lines of code in the header (unfortunately they didn’t provide me the script) which worked fine with ADTECH.

My own professional ambition: developing new non-adobe design techniques and then in this case being oblighed to swap Hype for Edge for a short while, may be a disappointing challenge. But fortunately the Adobe Edge approach is quite comprehensive if you’re an experienced Hype user.

This worked well with the first newspaper, but they couldn’t use the same method (by unknown reasons) on the second one. Therefore I had to perform an alternative approach using Hype again:

Concerning B with Hype and via ADFORM: My luck was, that my client made a subscription at ADFORM where I had could upload, test and adjust the Hype output directly.

The requirements between ie. ADFORM, ADTECH and ADWORD are obviously different and incorporating the target platform online interface (on which you upload) is as deeply integrated part of the banner-production as the very coding (or the editor) making the files work. Therefore, above all, I strongly recommend access to the platform on which the banners is hosted.

This was my thoughts. I don’t know if the abovementioned information is any help. The standards are unfortunately not yet at a level, where a html5-banner-file is of a consistent standard like flash-banners is a flash-banners.

Kind regards, Raaskot

Ps.: I guess Tumult Hype would be a(n even greater;)) killer app in the banner-business if export options was available targeting an array of prominent AD-hosting platforms directly.

Hi @raaskot
Thank you for your comprehensive reply. I have hedged my bets and supplied the creative as both a Hype outputted file and a Google Web Designer outputted file. I believe that GWD outputs in a similar way to Adobe Edge. I much prefer working in Hype rather than GWD but must admit I do really like their sprite sheet functionality (apart from the fact that you can’t actually see the contents of the sprite sheet until you preview it)
I am now waiting to hear back from my contact to see if either set of files is acceptable. So I am crossing my fingers but preparing for some debugging :frowning:
And yep I am right there with you on wishing for some ad banner export options, that would be really handy.
Thanks again Raaskot
Kind Regards,