Hype app running unbearably slow

Hype app running unbearably slow on new top of the line Macbook Pro. When I export the project it works fine, I’m talking about the Hype interface. At times I have to wait just to resize panels. Clicking on symbols, expanding groups, changing seems all require a several seconds of the rainbow spinner.

Any tips on getting Hype to work faster?

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Hmm that’s odd – is this happening when you have a specific document open? Or also when starting with a new blank document?

If your Hype document has a large number of videos or animated GIFs running this might slow things down.

If it is a specific document causing this issue can you share a bug report by including it as an attachment by selecting Help > Report an Issue?

If it happens in a new document, can you open Activity Monitor and sort by CPU to see if Hype is at the top?

Just one really complicated document. I’m creating a dashboard. I’ve been building certain sections and animation in separate files and inserting the group of symbol once it’s done so i can work faster.

This type of occurance happens to me from time to time. Closing Hype and Re-opening helps.


agree on that

Feel free to send the .hype document as how Daniel mentioned; we can take a look and see if there is something specifically slow that could be improved (either in Hype itself or as a temporary workaround in the document structure).

What I was agreeing about is the workaround fix, save and reload. It seems to happen when I have been working for a long time, lets say 30-60 minutes, maybe if I haven’t saved for 30 minutes or so when I get really involved. I haven’t really documented it.

“At times I have to wait just to resize panels. Clicking on symbols, expanding groups, changing seems all require a several seconds of the rainbow spinner.” I am not experiencing that like deanwhitney is.

Where it seems to happen in my case is when I have been working a long time, and I need to vertically drag the timeline and/or properties panes. I may have to wait 3-4 seconds. But not the spinning wheel of death. And a delay selecting type, and then waiting for the font panel to be able to edit. Often difficult.

In my case, it seems to me that the variable is the length of time I have been working on one file without saving or quitting.

I will send you the file when I get on that computer. What is interesting is that it is not a complex file at all. On this project I have very few animations, in fact none on this particular page.

I tend to use Hype even on pages that don’t have animations because of familiarity and overall, I think you have the best interface out there, it doesnt grind you into the ground with menu, sub-menu- sub-sub-sub-sub-menu like some apps or a content management system like Joomla. (I hate all of those) Or any app that models itself on the Quark publishing model ie Freeway, Responsive Site Design (although I am going to learn to like RSD for its capabilities,they are developing them faster than I can comprehend)

When this happens I keep asking myself “wait or force quit?”… So I create new files and build each additional part, which is very fast, then dread when I have to integrate it into the main project file.

Attached the file I was talking about. Don’t think its the same thing based upon looking at Dean’s process shot. And its maybe not a good example because its 1.2 MB, which is not a lot. FYI: this is an incomplete experiment on my my part for a way of trying to cut the loading time for pages that are part of a catalog. Individual jewelry images loaded individually into Hype vs a one page background with the individual necklace images added in Pixelmator, creating one full background page image totaling 152kb. I am going to upload both pages and see what the download times are for each one. 152kb is not bad for a page that is 2000 pixels tall. And if I get the proportions of the elements right, then there is a bit less work with responsive-flexible. Maybe. If I play my cards right I might be able to build only two layouts, desktop-tablet and phone. Maybe. It’s just an experiment.

FYI; the process is to first build the page in Pixelmator at 300 dpi. Huge file 5.6 MB. In the image, sharpen the edges and the intensity, play a bit with exposure to make everything pop. Then upload to tinypng site which performs its magic, converts it to 72 dpi and it comes back at 152 kb. Sharpen edges again, and it gives a pretty good image quality. Add alt text labels as often as possible for SEO.

Anyway, for what its worth. I don’t really think it has much if any relation to what Dean is talking about.

Necklaces stage 3a.hype.zip (873 KB)

I suspect this could be due to the amount of elements and symbols in one document on display. I have seen this when I have been messing around with high element documents and doing a lot of previewing. The whole of Hype UI display, open other docs etc… slows down.
quitting sometime helps but then going back into the large doc starts it all off again. I must admit I just live with it as I know that there is a lot going on in Hype with this sort of Doc and I do not often have this sort of Doc open. ( Normally they are from somone for whom I am helping on the forum )

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Having the document would help in diagnosing (and potentially fixing) the problem; without it anything is pure speculation. Please email it (or send dropbox link if too large) to support@tumult.com. If you hit the state where it is spinning, you can also choose View > Sample Process from Activity Monitor.app. This will give us a report saying exactly what Hype is doing at that moment.

(And thanks @TKDblackbelt for sending your document - I will be trying to reproduce with it)

I think I can give a couple of potential reasons for my issue; 1: had up until 6 am this morning, a big issue with High Sierra .3 upgrade, ran Etrecheck system diagnostic, found many corrupted files, mostly Adobe Creative Cloud that I had dumped after my summer web project, their uninstall does NOT remove all of the files. Not a fan of anything 'cloud" after the last few months. The Law of Unintended Consequences is a big player there.

There WAS a reference to a “Hype2” problem, and when I think back on it I have had a few incidents when trying to open Hype3 files, I would get a reference to Hype 2, unfortunately can’t reproduce now.
Havent seen the reference since in either opening Hype today or running Etrecheck.

The Time Machine restore was a circus, it took 4 attempts from 11 pm last night through 5am this morning, everything seems ok now.

RE: my original complaint about the difficulty in dragging panes and windows. It is much worse on a trackpad (macbook) It’s still there on an iMac (mouse), but not so bad. In a perfect world I would like tear off menus BUT with the ability to lock their position on the screen, especially since I have two monitors, and usually have Pixelmator open at the same time.

BTW: Etrecheck is great, found out about it in Macintouch discussion group, VERY long thread there about High Sierra. If issues come back I will go back to Sierra, no issues there.


Time for some sleep.

Note that “Hype2” is the actual process name for Hype v3 (long story). It sounds like you had a lot of computer woes, but nonetheless there’s probably performance improvements that can be made to Hype! I hope you get everything settled well.

Actually its now looking like a hard drive replacement and am going to back down to Sierra from High Sierra.

According to several tech blogs and reluctantly hinted at by my Apple reseller who I trust because of our 20 year history, High Sierra is “optimized” for Fusion and SSD drives. FYI: I have been on Macintouch for 15 years at least, about two pages of postings about Sierra issues, nothing current, vs 23 pages on High Sierra.

If I have to do a drive replacement, it may well be an SSD or a Fusion drive, but will stick with Sierra, it was totally uneventful, so why change. Change is good? No there is good change and bad change, need to know the difference.

BTW: will Hype 3/4 run on Snow Leopard? That to me was the high point for OSX and I have a perfectly good cheesegrater Mac Pro that I use for backups only now, but would be very happy to go back to Snow Leopard for important work. No drama, and its never been that way since.

I submitted a feedback, Hype crashed on the submit sequence. I actually don’t think Hype is involved but need to have you look at it. name is 600x800. It was the simplest file I could make.


High Sierra has a new filesystem, APFS, that was made with SSDs in mind. It does not currently work with fusion drives (this functionality was pulled from betas) nor does it work on spinning hard disk drives. Those who have done performance comparisons show APFS to be a mixed bag compared to HFS+J. HFS+J is not any slower or un-optimized on High Sierra. That said if you’re not using an SSD I highly recommend one just for the performance improvements!

I’ve definitely seen quality missteps from Apple with High Sierra, but from a developer perspective Sierra introduced a lot of bugs required a lot more workarounds in Hype itself than High Sierra!

I completely agree 10.6.8 was the best! Sadly Hype v3 requires 10.8 or later. 2.5.3 was the last version supporting 10.6.6+. I try to keep compatibility as far back as possible; Apple made it practically impossible to support 10.6 development. It is looking like v4 will also be 10.8+, but this is subject to change before release.

Ater the last 4 days and 2 nights I am honestly totally beat. I got a USB boot drive to try to take my iMac back to Sierra, no success there, can’t get the iMac up to even attempt it so it is going to the shop Monday morning probably with SSD.

My Macbook with High Sierra works with most everything ( but crashes Hype)
but it is 8 years old, will switch it back to Sierra. May just pick up another iMac on Monday just to get projects finished, so it looks like it will be a $1000-1500 expense (0$ income week. They do happen, part of the territory. But it sure is much more expensive to operate than even 3 years ago. That’s what they call “progress” I guess.

Thanks for all you do, BY FAR the best tech support anywhere.

You could try and partition the drive, create a bootable partition that is loaded with an older MacOs. Then boot into that and use hype

@TKDblackbelt, don’t know how old yours is but this ‘cheesegrater’ I’m behind runs Sierra just fine with Hype.

Thanks for all the great replies, this is the best forum in the industry.

I did create a bootable USB drive, but nothing will complete the bootup process, my Apple resellers tech people believe the hard drive is failing. Neither the original partition, the 12.2 , or 13.2 restore partitions will boot. Hard for me to say that the only partition that will boot is Bootcamp Windows 10, sometimes primitive is actually good. (No I don’t support Hype on Windows, well…maybe which is hard for me to think of but its a crazy world we live in.) Lets just not go there LOL.

Tuesday morning scheduled for a hard drive replacement, probably SSD. My reseller is very good, have dealt with them for over 20 years and I trust their experience. They do a lot of refurb work. . Sometimea you just have to bite the bullet.

Hype forum is a great community, have a happy New Year!

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