Hype Animation to Powerpoint Question

This might be a long shot, as I don’t know how many Hype users are also knowledgeable about Powerpoint, but I had this project I was trying to do that has the following objectives and it’s really impossible to find an answer using google, or any powerpoint forums.

I want to create an animation in Hype. Export it with no background (by checking the background transparent option in the document inspector).

I want to import this into Powerpoint. The purpose is to display animations in Powerpoint that are impossible to do in Powerpoint. In this particular instance, I’ve been using a simulated 3D cube rotation, found in another forum thread.

I want to be able to click to have the animation play once, not just have it loop forever when the slide loads.

I want it to have no background so I can put it on whatever bg I have for that slide.

If I import it as a photo, the animated gif comes in without a background but loops forever, cannot control it on click.

If I import it as a video, which is how you can control it on click, via the animation tab, the background is visible, despite having set the document bg in Hype to invisible.

One potential solution would be to have the bg color in Hype set to the same bg color as
in the Powerpoint slide. Except, the color doesn’t match when exported. Eyedropper for bg color in Powerpoint from bg in gif doesn’t really work either, because color changes when animation plays.

Yes, I know PPT sucks, but if anyone wants to try and solve this issue, thanks for the help.

A sample hype doc. with the cube rotation is here, in case you want to use when trying to answer this question.

small_cube_rotation.hype.zip (12.8 KB)

I think PowerPoint is OK.

I’ve used it, but I also use Keynote or just Hype itself. Perhaps that’s the problem right there. You don’t seem to like using Powerpoint. So, why are you using it? While some customization is necessary, a Hype project could have arrow keys for navigating through scenes and it can go full-screen in a web browser. (That involves JavaScript though.)

Why not just edit the gif (pronounced like the peanut butter) in a different program and turn the looping off?

Maybe use a color that’s easier to match… like white or black? Also, maybe there’s some color correcting going on. I did some testing of my animation with Annoyed Tomatoes. The export from Hype is not perfect. From what I’ve seen, the Hype 3.6 update messes with the color. (Trying an older version of Hype, if you’ve got it, might be something else to try.)

Soooooo… you could export individual frames as png files and then use a different program to create the gif (seriously, it’s pronounced like “jif”. I’m looking at you Tumult!). That might get you better color matching, as there might be some color profile screwing things up.

I didn’t download the attachment, so I don’t know what your project looks like. But based on the way the problem is described, maybe this reply is helpful.

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Why not just simply replace PowerPoint for Hype? everything that is possible to do in PowerPoint is possible to make it in Hype.

I have been doing presentations entirely made in Hype, yet, I found Adobe Flash better suited for presentations since you can export them as app / exe, avoiding any compatibility trouble, the advantage with Hype is that you can run and share the presentation online.

Also, you can render any video as a loop in the background as long as it is in wmv format

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It’s really not just a gif problem, because I know you can export a png sequence and import it into Photoshop and export as animated gif, and have more control over the colors. It’s probably just a Powerpoint problem. Also, just using white or black doesn’t give much flexibility in a design. Also, to answer your question about why use Powerpoint, it’s not me. Designers don’t always get to choose what programs they use. Of course I’d rather use Hype for everything (love that new self-driving car API in the Hype 4.5 beta!), but the reason for using Powerpoint is that it’s for clients who want something a six month old puppy can use, so they can edit text boxes themselves.

I did find a way to show live webpages in Powerpoint, but it’s not a perfect solution the way it works now.

Hey elcalibano have you figure this one out?
I’d love to create some content with hype for my clients’ ppt presentations.

Aleksandar, I can’t remember exactly which software it was that showed live webpages, because I was never able to convince the particular client, for whom I was trying to figure out how to get more sophisticated animations into powerpoint, to do go in that direction —so I kind of stopped playing with it. But a quick web search came up with this link, which I think might be it. Take a look and let me know if any of the advice on this page works for you. I’m hoping to find new clients who have evolved beyond Powerpoint at this time in my life.

Thanks for this. I saw it too. It’s hard asking clients to install suff on their computers.
I love this app but I’m not sure it can benefit me. I can create a lot of designs with it without ‘coding’, which was the reason I got it, but you need code knowledge to implement those designs the way client needs. I’m useless with that.
Anyway thanks again

Here’s one way to get your Hype document into a powerpoint presentation: Once you have your Hype animation hosted, you can use the ‘Web Preview’ add on to show a https enabled page. Select Insert > Add ins > Store and search for ‘Web’

Click add, then you get a form field where you can insert a URL. Insert the full URL of your Hype document (without https in front of it) and select Preview.

Here’s a demo which loads this page: https://tumult.com/hype/gallery/AlphaPod/AlphaPod.html

test-presentation.pptx.zip (2.7 MB)

Another free possibility that works for both Keynote and Powerpoint on the Mac is Liveslides