Hype and Sprite-Support!

(Loves Hype) #1

I would love to see Sprite-Support. Two ways I could think this could be implemented. Not for animations or similar things but to limit requests.

  • Either Hype allows to mark images as part of a Spritesheet and collects them into on big PNG and uses a background CSS and Offset to position the image
  • Other way would be to create an importer for Software like …https://www.codeandweb.com/texturepacker

What do you think?! This could benefit preloading and chaching.


I’ve been using the app texture packer to create sprite sheets then manually keying the position of the image in Hype - something that automated the keying of the position would be a great feature of Hype.


Thanks for the suggestions! This is something we’ve received a lot of requests for. When I started working on web development, this was a huge deal because mobile devices were extremely slow when making multiple web requests. I’ve seen less interest in this technique since networks and phones have become speedier, but it’s still important for game development (especially for old school sprite animations) and high performance banner ads.

(Loves Hype) #4

Thanks for considering it… It is actually still very much in production in mobile and game development (Unity, iOS). It seams to be memory efficient as well. Minimizing request is still best practice and it maybe old school but not as in outdated :smile:

Keep it up.