Hype and SequenceJS


I want to add effect to a box on mouse over but i must make Javascript for that.
How can I use libraries like SequenceJS (http://www.sequencejs.com/) together?

is there any tutorial for this? I’m using Hype Standard latest version.
Thank you.

Hype has its own animation system and JavaScript API for doing the types of things that you’d probably do with SequenceJS. So while you could use them together, it isn’t clear that makes the most sense unless there are specific effects that are lacking our couldn’t be made in Hype with its timelines and control through scripts.

That said, as long as you don’t animate the same elements with both Hype and SequenceJS (only use one way for an element), you should be able to integrate it since Hype just makes standard DOM HTML elements. You’ll likely need to check ‘Position with CSS left/top’ in the Document Inspector for this to work.

I couldn’t find anyone else using SequenceJS, but if anyone has used it feel free to chime in with your experiences.