Hype and LG webOS 2.0 or 2.1

(Zoltan Incze) #1

First of all, this app is awesome!

We would like to play Hype generated HTML banners, campaigns and animations on LG webOS Televisions with scheduled playlists on LG SuperSign Digital Signage software!
Can you guys implement warnings for webOS 2.0 features into Hype or Hype Pro?
It could be very useful!

Have you or any costumer/engineer experience on webOS with Hype?


Best Regards


No experience myself Zoltan but I’m thinking as WebOS can have apps built using straight HTML5 CSS and Javascript then it should play well with Hype.

One of my biggest problems would be testing as doesn’t WebOS run in a Linux environment?


(Jonathan Deutsch) #3

I haven’t done specific testing with webOS or the LG digital signage software, but from looking at the documentation it appears it should be able to display HTML5 just fine. I’d be curious about the performance as I imagine TVs probably have weaker processors.

There’s some specific APIs and frameworks that LG provides; I double we’ll support those unless their platform becomes very popular or someone with a motivated interest pays for us to specifically add it. You should be able to use some of the hooks yourself though with our JavaScript API if you want to integrate.

Either way, I’d be interested if you try it out or if anyone’s had experience. There’s general interest in Digital Signage and I think Hype is a pretty good tool for this use case, so I’d like to generally make sure we’re working well.