Hype and Keyshape

I use Hype for all my web site production (www.epx.se) and just found a very nice vector animation software, Keyshape.
With this (not expensive and so far stable) software I can do detailed vector stills and/or animations using great tools like timelines, layers and groups, vector tools and transition controls, everything works fine for me with a long history of Illustrator and Flash.
My big question is how to place the animated stuff in my Hype documents, the export options are:
SVG, SVG Compressed, PNG, JPG, Animated GIF and MPEG-4
There are various animation options for SVG: Keyshape JS Animation, CSS Animation and, as for the others, Image Sequense or Sprite Sheet.
Anyone else out there who knows the best way?
I can understand HTML and CSS but I don’t know much about JS so any hint is highly appreciated!

Um, you haven’t seen this?

Seems like the stuff you’re interested in is around the 45 minute mark.

Yes, now I have, super interresting! But – it is in 4, right? Not released, as I get it, do you know when I can lay my hands on it?