Hype and dynamic content in Doubleclick


(Michelle Black) #1

I am working on creating a banner ad with numbers that need to be updated monthly. I would like to set it up so that those numbers could be dynamically added through Doubleclick, but I am open to alternatives. I’ve never done this before and I was hoping that someone in the community or from Tumult could point me in the right direction.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

DoubleClick has the ability to send dynamic data through dynamic feeds. These feeds are tabular data, like a CSV file. There are instructions on creating one here:


After the feed is created, you can evidently make a profile and have it generate code that can be sent to your ad. See the instructions in this main article:


In short, you’d be able to to access the dynamic data via javascript global variables. You could then use the Hype API (like .setElementProperty()) or DOM APIs (like setting an element’s .innerHTML) to modify the content in your ad, probably within an On Scene Load handler.

(Michelle Black) #3

Thank you so much @jonathan! This has helped a lot.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

Glad that helped! If you’d like, when you’re done feel free to share the banner here or privately to support@tumult.com. Using dynamic data is a cool use case so if I see documents in the wild doing it we can perhaps make more integrated solutions with Hype in the future.

(Michelle Black) #5

I’d be happy to share the banner with you afterwards. Anything I can do to help you guys come up with new cool features for Hype

(Carola Clavo) #6

Hi all, I’m following this topic since we’re very interested in developing this in our company to make completely automated ads, and use dynamic feeds with images, texts, buttons, etc.