Hype and Android API-levels

(Peter Nowak) #1

We are using Hype and Phonegap Build for our App. Until today everything worked fine. Now we are getting an error message after trying to upload an app update to Android Store. It seems that Hype is not supporting Android 8.0 (API-level 26). It’s a new requirement from Google.

What I need to do to support as well the newest Android versions?

Hopefully somebody could help

(Mark Hunte) #2

Just looking at the what’s new for the APIs I see they are extensive.

Not being an Android dev, I can only assume that a webview is used where Hype is concerned.

Why do you think it is Hype and not phonegap

Please be more specific

(Jonathan Deutsch) #3

Specific errors generated, steps to reproduce, and examples would be useful!