Hype and Adobe Muse - broken interactives suddenly

(DaveJohnson) #1

I realize I probably need to cross post on Adobe’s forums…but this forum is so much more responsive I will start here first.

I remember a post from a little while ago about Hype OAM files breaking with a recent Adobe upgrade. I got around this by following the advice and making the rogue “widgets” (these are all part of an interactive textbook project) have all lower case and working fine.

Nonworking widget from the textbook site: http://textbooks.wmisd.org/worldgeohist.html

Working version of same widget I used on a curriculum unit website: http://ss.oaisd.org/WorldGeoHistogram.html

Trouble is, things are breaking again and the lower case file name thing doesn’t seem to be working. Is anyone else having this issue again? Is there a better solution? (I know - notify Adobe too…it’s probably them.)


I’m seeing an issue with files not downloading. Can you confirm these files have been uploaded to the correct path?

(DaveJohnson) #3

And - just realized I left my laptop with Hype on it at work. Temporarily uploading the working one from the other site to the non-working one but will run a re-upload tomorrow and see if those files are there. Thank you Daniel! Judging by the fact that the buttons are there and the images are not, that’s probably the case.