Hype 4 trial version

I have been using Hype 3 Pro for several years. Now I am trying the trial version of Hype 4 and need some help.

I am trying to save my file as a movie/video. When I play back the file without audio it plays all the way through without any problems. Then I added audio and tried the same thing but the file comes up and crashes after about 1 second. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?


Cris Caton

Crashes are never the user's fault!

I see that you sent in crash logs; would you mind also sending a zip of the .hype document to support@tumult.com so we can try to reproduce the problem?

Also, did any of the crashes happen after you manually tried to cancel an export?

(as a side note, unfortunately Hype's video export will not export audio, even if it is in the document)


Hi Jonathan,

I sent you an email about problems I was having when I downloaded the trial version of Hype 4 from Hype 3. You told me to uninstall and reinstall Hype3 and then add Hype 4. It worked fine and I also think it solved my crashing problems.

I am making a trailer for my children’s book and I was able to create the Hype 4 file and convert it to a movie.

It’s funny. When I play the movie back in Hype I can hear the sound fine. When I play it back outside of Hype there is no sound. Do you think you will ever let the movie convert with the audio added? I guess for now I will have to add the audio in iMovie.

I’ve enclosed a zip file with both the Hype 4 file and the movie converted.

Thanks for your help in both my problems. Any comments or suggestion will be appreciated.

ADOF file.zip


This is more a matter of engineering work :slight_smile:; since Hype uses a web preview it has to go through a few hoops to setup audio into a video export. It is definitely a high priority feature we would like to add in a future version, but can't make promises to a release date. For now, using iMove to stitch the audio and video together is the best workaround.