❤ [Hype #4] The “Heart” Template (Drawing & Animation Techniques)

The fourth video in a series of Tumult Hype Tutorial videos is online. This one is about the “Heart” template. The really interesting part is what I wrote over five years ago...

Technology moves fast. If Tumult adds an SVG editor and more Matter.js features to Hype, there could be another way to create a heart.


Well, Tumult added both. HA HA! So, the template was updated with another way to create a heart in Hype. Both techniques are shown in the video.

[Hype #4] The “Heart” Template (Drawing & Animation Techniques)


"The tesla cybertruck version of a heart" :rofl:

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Ha! I'm glad that you liked that part. That would have been a great comment on YouTube. There's not a lot of commenting on my channel, so maybe Google thinks my account is fake? My account was just disabled. I had to log back in to bring it back.

I did upload three videos in two days. Maybe it thinks I'm a bot? HA HA! :robot:

I don't use the Google account for anything else, and there are no copyright claims on the videos, so I'm not sure what's up. I figured there was a period of time before Google starts to trust you and shares your videos more, but this was unexpected.

Wow, that's pretty messed up... they didn't even give a reason?


This seems to be a problem with the finance channels lately, like with this one... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTeVkixa1tE&pp=sAQA ...but my channel isn't that popular yet. So, I don't think it's the same issue. The point is that if much bigger channels don't know what's going on, heh, I don't expect to get an answer for a brand new channel.

I suspect that's the real problem. The Google account is new and the YouTube channel is new. So, it probably tripped something in the algorithm.

Although, one of the reasons I'm doing the whole YouTube thing is because making apps for the App Store felt like building a castle on sand. Heh, the ground on YouTube suddenly got less stable too.

But, having built lots of websites myself, I suspect it must be a nightmare trying to maintain order on such a massive site — especially since the attacks must be numerous and non-stop. Hopefully it was just a glitch. I got a new Photics.TV video scheduled for tomorrow, so I'm not quitting!


Well :crossed_fingers:t2: in not running into the algorithm again (still, google's algorithm is probably on the whole more fair than Apple's reviewers, but I digress....)