Hype 4 page turn transition

I have created an interactive comic for the iPad.
I’m using the new page turn transition between scenes on a relatively large document (130 MB)
The screens are quite long. 900X1500.
The problem i have encountered is that the transition scrolls directly from top to bottom, not allowing me to stop in the middle of the screen, where there are various button based interactions.
Is there any way to overcome this limitation?

See link to file: www.revivalcomic.net

It sounds like what you’re requesting is stop a scene transition, so that two scenes are showing at once? Unfortunately Hype can only have one scene active at a time, so there’s no way to stop a scene transition to have both scenes active. This includes normal scene transitions and the newer page-turn.

I think the better option for you would be to use an On Drag action that is bound to control a timeline that animates your content. You’d probably want to use the scene-level action and if you unclick “Continue after drag” then it will stop wherever the finger stops.

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