Hype 4 for Logo Design and Animation

Robus Tripods Company asked me to step in and design animated logo for a video outro that the company would use in the future videos. The type of animation they wanted was sleek, simple yet effective. Thanks to Hype 4 beta it has successfully managed to output 4K @ 60FPS with no problem. Below is a 720P with 3 variations of the logo design in motion. This could’ve taken me hours to do with After Effects but took me a fraction of the time with Hype 4. Great work team tumult, cant wait to get my hands on Hype 4 official.

The one thing thats missing and I believe is on a feature tracker is the ability to convert pasted .svg to hype vector which would cut time in a half and speed up the process of animating line draw without having to trace individual elements.