Hype 4 curved motion paths (eep!)

Those of us that work on banners treasure every KB we can get. Recently, I was using Hype 4 to create a campaign and seemed to hit my 200KB limit (export) awfully quickly. Looking at the files, it turns out that Hype 4 uses the full runtime for curved motion paths.

So for the identical animation, Hype 4 spits out a 93KB Javascript, whereas Hype 3’s is 54KB. That additional 39KB is a huge for banners. It adds 20% of the typical total banner size.

While a lot of banners don’t require curved motion paths, it’s not uncommon. In my particular instance, I actually needed to recreate the banner in Hype 3 in order fit my other resources into the banner. But I worry about when I don’t have the option to use Hype 3 because of an OS update. Additionally, if I accidentally open that Hype 3 file in Hype 4, I have to start over and recreate it in Hype 3.

Any thoughts on this?

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This is an ongoing discussion. Hype is in funny place currently as it has a vector tool that creates paths and then it has the old motion paths. Two slightly different UI’s for the same data. Now with the Vector Tool potentially the motion path code could be refactored/consolidated and replaced, in my opinion. In Hype 4 it was move to the full runtime.

Sorry you’re hitting this – Are you able to use the Hype CDN for your runtime to workaround the file size limitation?

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Thanks for the related discussion link. I wish there was a solution.

These were Sizmek banners and their CDN directions http://bit.ly/30GJvNz didn’t work out using HYPE-648. At the time, anyway.

I would love it if Hype 4 recognized it was opening a Hype 3 document and alerted me, in the same way it does if you try opening a Hype 4 doc in Hype 3, to prevent auto-conversion of old work. Unure if I’m a small use case.


Thanks for the feedback; I marked this to take another look at and see if it makes sense to change back for 4.0.2.

As for using the Sizmek CDN, their instructions are definitely quite the hack. Instead you can just do an advanced Export, and use this for the Runtime Hosting set to Custom external URL: