HYPE 4 and Text to speech

I would like to modify my previous slide courses where I have used a TTS external program to create an audio file who Hype will play inside the slide, but modification-update of text is becoming cumbersome.
So I am looking for a way to do TTS directly inside the animation.
I am looking for an excellent result, where is possible to insert markup tag to control the speech (voice, language, rate,…) SSML may be the best target.
I suppose that a js lib/script but be used, some suggestion?

Any one has done some experience, any suggestion will be appreciate


Has rather great results and a full API. It does cost, though… but only on high amounts of characters.

You would use the quickstart quide:

I’d probably create a PHP based processor and send it my text string (security in place). If it has the .mp3 in cache return that and otherwise generate it and then return it to Hype.

There is some effort to make TTS accessible on-the-fly through the browser but it’s currently experimental: