Hype 3 one-window interface

@willhamlyn there is a long list of improvements in hype4 thanks to user collaboration.
Your request makes sense but perhaps it would be better to check how many users use hype on small devices to decide the priority of improvements.

Surely a solution will be found in future :slight_smile:

my two cents

That’s exactly my whole point, give us a choice like creative suite does. Depending on whether I’m using a MacBook or a desktop I have different window configurations saved or even what type of job I’m working on. If you want a tabbed layout then fine stick with that but I bet a lot of pro users are using bigger screens and would welcome the option to choose what goes where.

I’m just curious as to the reason we don’t have that option seeing as it’s been discussed since 2015.

in a laptop you can’t work as comfortably as on a desktop anyway, I work with 3 devices, also a small 12", depends on your needs.
As I have already said, there are so many requests for important implementations like yours, I too have made equally important requests but they have not been realized.
This is part of the priorities and I am sure they will be reconsidered if the percentage of requests rises.

placing menus on my screen where ever i want them to be (including those relaxing moments when searching them :wink: ) feels natural to me too. so one plus to this feature …

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I would like to have the timeline on my second screen

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It is a good feature request.

I don’t think there’s any particular reason that will satisfy that it does not presently exist. I will say that the way it would have to work is different than other apps that use an MDI-style interface (like Adobe apps). Hype is single-document centric.

You can see more about how we consider and prioritize features in this talk I gave at the first Hype Conference: