Hype 3 one-window interface

@willhamlyn there is a long list of improvements in hype4 thanks to user collaboration.
Your request makes sense but perhaps it would be better to check how many users use hype on small devices to decide the priority of improvements.

Surely a solution will be found in future :slight_smile:

my two cents

That’s exactly my whole point, give us a choice like creative suite does. Depending on whether I’m using a MacBook or a desktop I have different window configurations saved or even what type of job I’m working on. If you want a tabbed layout then fine stick with that but I bet a lot of pro users are using bigger screens and would welcome the option to choose what goes where.

I’m just curious as to the reason we don’t have that option seeing as it’s been discussed since 2015.

in a laptop you can’t work as comfortably as on a desktop anyway, I work with 3 devices, also a small 12", depends on your needs.
As I have already said, there are so many requests for important implementations like yours, I too have made equally important requests but they have not been realized.
This is part of the priorities and I am sure they will be reconsidered if the percentage of requests rises.

placing menus on my screen where ever i want them to be (including those relaxing moments when searching them :wink: ) feels natural to me too. so one plus to this feature …


I would like to have the timeline on my second screen


It is a good feature request.

I don’t think there’s any particular reason that will satisfy that it does not presently exist. I will say that the way it would have to work is different than other apps that use an MDI-style interface (like Adobe apps). Hype is single-document centric.

You can see more about how we consider and prioritize features in this talk I gave at the first Hype Conference:

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That’s a really interesting insight, looking back at when I joined it was May 2012 which is slightly scary! and yes I’m one of those graphic designers who does a lot of web stuff! Having been in this game for over 30 years now you guys are pretty much unique in that you can still reach out and talk directly with the developers. Very few companies offer it when they start let alone still keep it after 7 years so big kudos for that.
You’re right in that we all do different jobs with Hype simply because it is so flexible. I came from a Flash background and dabbled with Edge when it became clear that Flash was doomed. Edge was far too complex to do the simple things I needed it to do so Hype was an obvious choice.
The way I use Hype may be different to a lot of other users but I tend to use it lots of animated web interfaces, slideshows and galleries and I find almost every process involves me tabbing back and forth between at least 2 of the menus every single time. I know 100% that if this menus were separate on my screen I would save probably 30% of my time my just being able to go straight to the dialog box or slider to adjust a parameter or setting. I understand Hype is single doc but even just having the option to have the menus either all open at the same time or tabbed as they are would work for me.
I understand that if only 20 of us ask for it then it’s no big deal but if nobody ever asked then nothing will ever evolve so if you don’t ask you don’t get! I’m happy to bribe you with chocolate too just tell me your favourite!
I know there are always replies from others who will say “ah yes but I wouldn’t find that useful at all!” that’s fine to me have it as an option allow the menus to be tear offs or whatever or you can leave them stacked.

Whilst Creative suite Apps are by no means perfect (their support and level of bugs just gets worse each year) the way the menu system can be customised to any level I think covers the requirements of pretty much any user, you may only use a fraction of an apps features but if you use it 100 times a day to delve through layers of menus to get to it is very frustrating.

Your comments on Keynote Vs Powerpoint are a perfect example, everything is hard work in Powerpoint, it’s far easier in Keynote but again when I use it I find myself skipping through the right tabbed menus far too much.
Maybe just the way I work, as a graphic designer I experiment with loads of options with typography and precise layout layout so lots of constant repetitive changing of the same settings.
I’ve always used multiple large monitors too so have always been used to having plenty of real estate for menus, I like having all my tools within arms reach rather than tidied away in a drawer!

I only ask each time a big upgrade happens so hopefully that doesn’t count as wasting your time and maybe if I get asked to join the beta then I’ll take that as a positive nod!

Appreciate that was a long reply but maybe explains the reason for me asking again and again.

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Thanks for your detailed thoughts! With this feature in particular it was always in the original design – I myself used multiple monitors for a while and so I fully grok the use case. This has been one frequently slated but unfortunately pushed off as a matter of priorities and shipping. Software engineering an app like Hype is full of making compromises for specific releases. But the good news is usually in the “.5” releases we tend to do features that will make users’ lives better when using Hype. This is still very much on the radar, and each time we have a major release I’d say this feature gets the most frustration of folks of it not being implemented :slight_smile:.