Hype 3 one-window interface

Thanks, good temporary solution for now, however its something they really need to look at in a future release.
Most apps these days have a single properties panel. Selecting something on the stage shows you just that elements properties… So click on the stage and you get document properties… HTML page title, background color, e.t.c You click on an object like a square shape then you get properties for that shape only… click on text and you get Typography properties… you get the idea.

Its a standard method in most apps, Edge, Flash, Sketch and many others.

I would actually find that annoying. I click a text element because I want to give it a background colour or change it’s opacity then Rotation and I am constantly taken to Typography. The same goes for any other element. Auto changing to an inspector would wind me up :smiling_imp:

This or/and floating would work better.

All properties related to say a text object should be presented in a single panel… so color, size, background, rotation, font e.t.c… you should not have to switch tabs. Hope that makes sense.

I really hope this gets sorted soon, I’ve been hoping and asking for tear off menus since day one. Auto switching wouldn’t work as how would the app know what I want to do with the element. Some jobs require the use of one aspect more than others so it needs to be my choice what I have on screen.

The more I use Hype and the faster I get the more it bugs me constantly switching back and forth, there is often a certain order to do things and you can’t simply decide to do all the opacity tweaks in one go, even with keyboard shortcuts it’s a pain.

It appears to be a simple option to include but maybe there is some technical reason why it’s never been implimented?

Maybe I follow the Shawshank Redemption and write one letter a week for 5 years…

It is not an easy change from a technical perspective. It also isn’t impossible, and we definitely understand the feedback about it.

I wonder if would suffice for must people if you only did the Metric, Element and Typography inspectors…
That would mean you would only need to swap out 3 views to NSPanels , mirrored view or what ever you use.

The technical problems have to do more with reconciling having potential duplicates (the code isn’t written for duplicate inspectors) and properly handling single pane-to-multiple-document UI.

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Well bearing in mind what you’ve developed Hype into so far I don’t doubt you will rise to the challenge!

Yer I do not envy you that one

Upgrade anyway. No need to hold off while waiting on the wish list.

For my two-bits… I am still unable to edit any timeline Action items, or use the color palate in wide screen across two monitors. Since most of my work is in 1920x1080 it’s a bit of a pain to be resizing the document on every scene to edit or modify colors and/or timelines.

Otherwise, couldn’t be happier - Hype is awesome, the community is fantastic.

Hype 3.0.3
Yosemite 10.10.4

Have the panels ‘un-dockable’ so we can place them anywhere


Steve Warby

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This is something that I totally rely on with PS, AI, AE, etc. and it was once one of the great features of Apple Motion, etc. When Apple slammed all the palettes into the main window, a one-click effort turned into three clicks and fishing around. It was like someone had tied my elbows to my sides - very restrictive and making my second monitor virtually useless for the app. Using that app (which is a brilliant app - especially as you can keyframe virtually anything on any palette) instantly turned into a kludge and I stopped using it.
Adding the undockable palettes might involve certain legal issues. I remember that Adobe used to give Macromedia a hard time about their dockable palettes, claiming that this was their intellectual property. Buying Macromedia not only gave them Flash and DW, but it also resolved the palettes issue.


Another update and still no un-dockable menus. Hype just gets better but this would be a huge advantage to have. Is it ever likely to happen or should I just give up hope…:frowning:


The thing that would really be useable would be undockable menus which could then be grouped into a moveable pallet.

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That is the way that Adobe does it. There is one thing to be aware of, however.

Back when Macromedia was around they were doing the same thing - movable dockable palettes. Adobe had some ongoing litigation with MM over this. Eventually, Adobe bought Macromedia and that was the end of it. This was around the time that tabbed Inspector palettes were introduced, which were similar to what Microsoft was doing with some of its apps.

I do not know precisely what the patents are, but this may play a role here. Frankly, I don’t see how this kind of interface convention can be patented – only the way that the proximity functions operate that make the palettes join or become tabs, etc.

If Hype could adopt this approach, I would love it. It would give me a slight boost in productivity. (And, frankly, Apple could do the same with Motion and FCX for an enormous leap in productivity.)

Pixelmator has removeable docks, all individual pallets and that can be confusing, especially because they are in love with the black background.

“It would give me a slight boost in productivity.” I think a lot for me…if I would take the time to document how much time I spend moving palettes around two monitors.

I have a pair of 27"s. When running Adobe apps, my right monitor is completely covered in palettes and I can instantly go to anything without thinking. Motion used to have this feature (before Apple started thinking that absolutely everyone uses a laptop and no second monitor) but Apple killed it and dumped everything into nested tabs. That caused a productivity hit of around 90%, which was enough for me to say goodbye to all the cool features and go back to After Effects. For casual users, this is not a problem, but for those of us facing extreme multitasking and nosebleed deadlines, it becomes a really big deal.

With Hype, having a large monitor makes a big difference. For those working on laptops or using a smaller monitor, the unified interface can require constant resizing of the timeline and keyframe panes.


I agree, my problems are on a laptop, which I need to use more than I would like. When I am in my office at home, it’s a pair of 21’s, that is where having all the individual pallets would be great!

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5 years since you said it was in the pipeline and part of your original plan and yet still no tear off menus!! Another great update but surely this can’t be that hard to implement. Every other bit of software I use has it and it’s an invaluable tool to working fast, flicking backwards and forwards between these tiny menus is SO slow.

Is there a genuine reason you’re not doing it yet again?

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