Hype 3 on Windows 10

(Ian) #1

“By changing a ‘few percent’, Apple app makers should be able to run code on Windows 10 mobile devices” - BBC news

IF this is true, would this be the enough to persuade Tumult to create a Windows version of their product?

I sincerely hope so. I would assume that the development costs would be insignificant compared to the revenue return. I would be first in line.

I would love it if someone from Team Tumult could make an official comment on here.


Wow, that’s a good question. Although, I thought that meant iOS applications. I’m not sure if it applies to Mac OS X apps too. I’m not an official Tumult Hype spokesperson though. You might want to ask one of these guys…

(stephen) #3

I definitely plan on taking a look at this. My initial impression was that it was for iOS Apps, not Mac Apps, but it still might be something we could use. I can’t make any promises without looking into it further, but thanks for the heads up.