Hype 3 on El Capitan?

(Francois Meehan) #1

Hi all,

Did someone tried Hype 3 pro on El Capitan?

Thanks in advance,



I haven’t encountered any issues and I’ve been running Hype on El Capitan for a while. Go for it!

Here’s our 14 day free trial: http://tumult.com/hype/download/
Here’s a link to the Mac App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/os-x-el-capitan/id1018109117?mt=12

(Francois Meehan) #3

Thanks Daniel!


I noticed a problem…

Press the green button… fullscreen… press the green button again… poof… the Timeline Actions area is blacked out.

(Greg) #5

Seems to happen only in the standard version and not in the pro version for me. Clicking on the blacked out area brings it back into view.

(faruk) #6

Hype 3 - El Capitan: Just to let you know that I can not change copied/pasted text’s colour.


The color is probably being set within the inner HTML of the element. If you click the element and select Edit > Edit Inner HTML you will probably see CSS styles that are setting the color, which will restrict the ability for the text inspector to change the color. This issue precedes El Capitan.

(Greg) #8

Split View is pretty handy with Hype and your Browser windows in view. You can click Hype’s Preview button to refresh the Browser and see your changes. It even works with the Console window open in Safari. Me Likes It!


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