Hype 3 for Ad banners


I have been creating banners using either custom JS or by using Adobe Animate CC for quite some time now. As most of you know, size does matter when it comes to HTML5 Ads.
So far I have been able to keep within the limits I got from my customers. However, I am sure the day will come where createjs (the JS lib used by Adobe) is just too big.

I always had Hype in the back of my mind, but so far I have never used it for a job. I’d like to try it for an upcoming project. However, before I do that, I have a few questions regarding its size.

How big is the main library after a project has been exported for deployment?
Is it possible to tweak the library export (eg: dont need sound? dont include it. dont need physics? dont include it)
Which ad networks include Hype in their CDNs?
Do you know of any ad networks where Hype won’t work at all? (folder structure, file types, other requirements)

I am ready to completely switch to Hype. I tried it out and I really like it. I am a decent frontend developer, so touching JS code is absolutely no problem for me. The only thing I am afraid of is: file size.

Any feedback is appreciated

Hype’s “thin min” runtime in v3.5.3 is 54.6 KB, which will be less if compressed (many ad systems look at a entire zipped size). If the document requires the physics engine or IE6-9 support then it will needs supplied a runtime that is 93 KB instead. Hype exports also require a loader/data file which is 1.8 KB uncompressed and HTML file that is .8 KB uncompressed.

We work pretty hard to keep the file size small and yet feature rich. Our runtime was about half the size of Edge Animate’s before it was discontinued.

Hype has an Advanced Export panel that lets you perform a lot of different tweaks and lets you see the resulting size:

I think Sizmek does; I haven’t gotten word either way about others. We do have ways to notify 3rd parties when we release new versions of runtime files, so if your ad network isn’t putting it on a CDN we can work with them to do so.

There are generally hacky workarounds for most of these issues (generally found by searching the forums for the ad network). We’re looking to make the Advanced Export more flexible to account for folder structure changes and streamline the flow for producing ads. If you find there’s part of a workflow that can be automated or isn’t working well for a targeted ad network please let us know!

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Hey Jonathan,

thanks for your reply. Sounds good so far.
Looking forward to give Hype a try.
I’ll report back when my Testproject is finished.

all the best

Great, let us know how it goes.

Have been using Hype for banner ads for 6 months or so - works perfectly, no problems at all and file size has not been an issue!